Silencing Your Inner Saboteur

In this workshop, participants will identify the voice of your saboteur, recognize the tricks it uses to keep you from achieving your goals, and how to win the battle against it.

The workshop covers such topics as:
The source of the Saboteur
Identifying the Dominant Voice of the Saboteur
What the Saboteur Says
The Physical Manifestation or The Symptoms of the Saboteur in your life
Naming the Saboteur
Goal Setting
“Go away and never come back!”: Other ways to silence the Saboteur

Feedback from workshop participants:

“I have a lot to work for and now I know where to start.” — Brandy

“Extremely useful. Sherry helped me identify where my negative voice comes from.”

“Thanks for a great and productive session.” — Kent

“Very comfortable to be here. Awesome.” — Gail

“You really validated people’s experiences and offered support.” — Kristin

“Very helpful. I figured out several subconscious pressures that were harming my existing life. Now i know how to set them right.” — Swati



But I have a Day Job

This workshop normally runs two weeks, but can be compressed to one if that is desirable.

Though we all dream of the day we can quit our day job to spend our days doing what we love, pursuing our passion, the reality is that for most of us, this may never happen, or it will not happen for years. So how do you find the time to do what you love, even change careers, when there are bills to pay, jobs to go to, kids to take care of, homes to clean, and so many other demands on our time? In this workshop, participants will look at the priorities in their lives and how to strike that work/life balance.

The lessons will cover:

Is a work/life balance possible?
Goal Setting
Time Management
Wrap-Up and Q & A



Plan for Success

This workshop normally runs two weeks, but can be compressed to one if that is desirable.

It is easy to create lists of projects we want to complete and goals we want to achieve. How often do those projects and goals get abandoned part-way to completion or even before they are started? No matter how good our intentions are or how hard we work to complete the projects, something seems to get in the way. This workshop is an intensive look at the four stages of project completion and how to overcome the fears that stop us.

The lessons will cover:

Fear of Dreaming
Fear of Failure
Fear of Upsetting People
Fear of Conflict
Wrap-Up and Q & A

For all workshops, supporting exercises reinforce the lessons, and I provide individual feedback to participants.

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